Its founder, South Korean fitness guru and entrepreneur, Jackie Seong, came up with the concept of indoor cycling with dance and gymnastics 1999.

He was born into a family of artists in 1974, and was an elite bodybuilding player who spent his life intensive training and diet schedules.

He is the first fitness competitor and entrepreneur to open and consult 400 franchise fitness centers in South Korea.

While training hard, he always wondered, "Can't anyone enjoy exercise without thinking of it as labor?" He wanted to break this question.

Having spent a lot of time in his career and experience with fitness around the world, he sees that people are more attracted to fun sports than hard and stressful sports.

Then, in the process of indoor cycling, He found the balance stability of the indoor bicycle, "Even if you put your hands offf from bike,never fall."

He will not miss this idea, so he focus and study on creating fun and exciting athletic content that will make up for the lower body pedalings and upper body movements, creating the world's first Indoor cycle dance and gymnastics movement,"Jackie Cycle®"

Jackie was born with an excellent eye

 for the future fitness market.

Even at this point, it's inspiring all over the world to move beyond just pedaling into a fun indoor cycling dance movement

He founded the Institute of Indoor Cycle Gymnastics, worked hard to develop content and talent, and created many first-time modifiers in fitness history.
It resulted in a revolution in the Indoor cycle industry around the world.

Based on its founding spirit, it has established the world's first Indoor Cycling Gymnastics Championships since 2009 and established the WIGF Association to become a mentor to indoor cyclists around the world.

The founder's founding philosophy of guiding the world to a healthy life by knowing "Jackie" through "Jackie" has remained constant for more than 20 years in the face of a crisis of success, frustration and failure.

The noun 'Jackie Cycle' was created by the founder who developed the movement himself.

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