Jackie Cycle Club

Good health club! 

Jackie Cycle Club & Family Club

Best Management Systems! 

" Just 50 minutes a day!”

An attractive Jackie program that captivates 

members in one experience. 


    1.With 20 years of proven, reliable exercise. 

    2.This is a fitness brand certified by word of mouth first.

    3.This is a Korean brand that receives royalties 

        from abroad.

    4.The #1 brand in Fitness market is Jackie Cycle     

    5.We are already benchmarked in the global market.

Open Consulting

POINT 1. Family Mind

You can't open a Jackie Cycle®Club just because you have money.

POINT 2. Customized Open Consulting

Through extensive interviews and training, 

all requests from store selection to facilities 

and operations are made with the consulting team.

POINT 3. A True Partner

The spirit of success together comes first.

Clients as true partners.

Uniformized and not a franchise chain with forced purchase conditions!!!

Open Consulting Procedure

 1. Counseling

Executive Budget, Consultation Check / Facility Check

2. Open Plan

Open schedule, selection of interior construction companies, equipment / supplies / preparation

3. Interior Construction / Promotional Consulting and Operational Training

4. Pre Open Operation Checks / Grand Open

5. Operational system checks and feedback after opening (operations and installations)

 Consultation on Subscription