20years Tradition! Original!

Based on Jackie's tradition, We training 'Jackie Cycle Instructor' and 'Indoor Cycle Gymnastics Athlete" with professional awareness of trust, communication, challenge, enjoyment and passion.

We are working with people around the world beyond the number one place in Korea.

In 1999, the word 'fitness' was new to fitness markets around the world since then been with the goal.
The world are paying attention to Korea's first overseas expansion of its instructors, the production of foreign instructors, and the export of Korean instructor abroad.

World's 1% Fitness Talent

Jackie is one of the best in the fitness industry, loved by members and recognized by the world.

The power of Jackie

Two things Jackie is good at, Education!  And the knowhow of 20 year experies experience.
Twenty years after Jackie was invented, similar companies have come into the world, riding on the current growing market trend.
We need more systematic education design knowhow such as what the club wants and what the instructors needs.

The original spirit

That's why you choose Jackie, the know-how of more than two decades of failure and success that you can't dare to say without a single thought to leave a page in the history of the world's history.
Jackie is the first Korean fitness brand to receive brand royalty in South Korea.