Real reviews with current clients

@ka00 :  I lost 30lbs without any muscle lost. I feel really healthy.
@bo00 :  I changed first number of my whight !! I can not live without Jackie Cycle! It's like my family and lifestyle to me.
@hwang00 :  After i started Jackie Cycle i lost 20lbs and changed number of my weight. Still dieting with Jackie Cycle!!!
@ghi00 :  I lost 38lbs~ Thank you for Jackie gave me full of energy and changed my life! My hubby said he felf like married with                       new women:)
@mo00 :  This is life changing. I lost over 100lbs!!!!!!!
@lee00 :  It's been 7months with Jackie Cycle. Today i lost total 32lbs :) and 67kgs now!!!
@na00 :  It's amazing i lost 20lbs in 3months!